Rapid, Beautiful Chart Creation.

Generate striking visual insights 10x quicker. Transform data into visual stories for analysts and creatives.

Bid Farewell to Dull Charts: Transform Your Data into Masterpieces

Transform your data into masterpieces.

With My Little Chart, crafting charts will never be a chore again. Forget the days spent wrangling lifeless charts. Now, you can create captivating visualizations with a few clicks, without needing to master complex tools. Unlike cumbersome solutions, My Little Chart offers an experience that exudes simplicity without compromising power.

Endless personalization.

My Little Chart stretches the boundaries of chart customization. No more settling for generic graphs that fail to mirror your identity. Each chart is now a blank canvas to be tailored according to your preferences. Where other tools impose limits, My Little Chart shines with its flexibility. Forge unique and impactful graphs that faithfully convey your vision.

Limitless Customization for Your Charts
Current Data, Real-Time Charts

Current data, real-time charts.

My Little Chart elevates your communication with charts that are always up-to-date. Bid farewell to manual data updates that belong to the past. With our real-time connections, your charts effortlessly synchronize with your data. Unlike static alternatives, My Little Chart brings forth an automated and secure solution.



Per Year

  • 2 charts

  • 10,000 displays

  • All features available

  • Watermark



Per Year

  • 10 charts

  • 6,000,000 displays

  • All features available

  • No watermark

Please note that all prices displayed are exclusive of taxes. Taxes will be applied based on the customer's location and tax status, whether they are a business or an individual.

Pricing FAQ


Connect to your favorite tools.

My Little Chart offers seamless integration with a variety of popular tools, allowing you to import and sync your data effortlessly.

  • Sheet

  • Airtable

  • Notion

  • CSV

  • API


Seamlessly embed your charts.

With My Little Chart, embedding your stunning charts into your preferred platforms is a breeze.

  • Webflow

  • Wix

  • Carrd

  • WordPress

  • HTML


Enhance your presentations with chart images.

My Little Chart empowers you to seamlessly integrate chart images into your preferred platforms.

  • PowerPoint

  • Slides

  • Keynote

  • Canva



Can I embed the same chart in multiple places?

Yes, there is no limit for using the same graphic within several sites, applications...

What should I do if I need more graphics than those provided in the offers?

You can subscribe to the plan initially chosen as many times as necessary. If you subscribe to the standard plan twice you will have 40 charts.


Is it possible to pay monthly?

No, we only offer the possibility of annual payment to avoid additional costs related to a monthly split.

In the event of early termination, am I reimbursed for my subscription?

Yes the first year, within the first 30 days of subscription, no from the 31st day of subscription, which is why we only charge from the 31st day. No after the first year.

If I subscribe to an extension of my current plan, how am I billed?

You will be billed for the first year of extension pro-rata to the time remaining before your next initial subscription anniversary date (quota is also on a pro rata basis).


What happens if I exceed the annual display limit?

We warn you as soon as you reach 90% of the use, at 100% we will block the displays, you will have to subscribe to an extension of plan.

If I don't use all my annual display quota, is the surplus carried over to the following year?

No, your quota can only be used during the year following the subscription date or its anniversary date. The unused quota is therefore lost.

On what date is my annual posting quota reset?

On each anniversary date of your initial subscription.

If I subscribe to an extension of my current plan, how is my quota of displays credited?

For the first year of extension you will be credited with a number of displays calculated on a pro rata basis of the time remaining before your next anniversary date of initial subscription (billing is also on a pro rata basis).

Anything else?



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